Corner Wall-Mount Option


Our corner wall mount allows the themed range of hanging basket brackets to be mounted on building corners.


Corner wall mount fitting

This corner wall mount, when ordered with one of our themed range of hanging basket brackets in either the small or standard sizes will allow you to mount your brackets on the corners of your house or garage etc.

Corner mounted hanging baskets give an added attraction as you can see your flowers from both sides of the building, this is not possible with plain wall mounted brackets.

Multiple corner wall mount brackets could also be used on fence posts to create an attractive four-way display.

The corner wall mount option must be ordered together with a themed range bracket, it cannot be ordered alone or supplied for fitting at a later date. The colour and finish will of course match the finish chosen for the bracket. Our ornate scroll-work brackets have their own corner wall mount option.

The corner wall mount has two 6mm holes for fixing to the corner, always fix into the brick and not the cement joint.

Fitting instructions

This style is Not available for the Large (400mm) range of themed hanging basket brackets, they have a two-part corner mount but the price is the same.

For full finish options and dispatch times pleaseĀ see here.