Frequently Asked questions

Where are your products made?

Here at DD Metal Products, ALL of our products are made in-house on our CNC plasma cutter or totally manually made and then hand-finished before being sent to the relevant company for the coating to be applied.

Why don’t we do all the coating ourselves?

The answer to this is simple – it just is not possible for one company to provide the type and quality of finish that we require and you deserve, better to be a specialist in one field than average in many.

Can you apply any finish to any product?

Not all finishes can be applied to all products, galvanising for instance does not lend itself to finely detailed or small parts, the individual listing will indicate what options are recommended for that particular item. Of course, if you have a special request, please do not hesitate to ask us what is the best finish option for it.

Why so slow?

We understand that our lead times can appear lengthy in some cases but here at DD Metal Products we feel that obtaining a high quality, hand-finished product is always worth waiting for. We will never buy products in from overseas – if we cannot make it, we will not offer it, plain and simple. Not holding pre-made items in stock allows us to offer the flexibility to customise anything we offer – it’s all about quality and choice.

Why do you not provide hardware?

We looked at length into this and very early on it was decided that due to the vast array of different surfaces and and even bigger range of fixings available these days that any hardware we provided would most likely not be the right one for the customers needs and therefor would end up thrown in ‘that’ drawer we all have in the kitchen or shed – we thought it better to concentrate on producing a high quality product and let the customer choose how to mount it.