Finish Options and Dispatch Times

We like to offer a range of finishes, from plain steel to galvanised and powder-coated. Below we have listed details of the options and also colours available within each option.


Primed – ready to paint, this option allows the customer to apply a suitable paint finish themselves. The part is supplied cleaned and painted with a quality undercoat/primer, it offers a saving on the cost of the item as would be expected.

This option has a short dispatch time of around 2-4 working days.


Powder-Coated – This is by far the most popular finish. Our powder coat comes in stylish satin black as standard across our whole range, white is available in gloss finish and on some items gloss green can be requested. We use a high quality UV-stable coating which will last for many years even in the stunning UK weather ! Many custom colours are available – please contact us for availability and prices.

Dispatch for this option is around 4-7 working days.


Galvanised – We can also offer a “Galvanised” finish – this is a metal coating that is applied to the product which offers a massive increase in life expectancy, Galvanised steel products can last more than 25-30 years in outdoor settings. The finish is a dull silver-grey but this can be further enhanced by applying a powder-coat on top of the galvanising thus offering a product with colour that will also last practically for ever! Please contact us if you are interested in these finishes.

Dispatch time for galvanised finish parts will be around 10-14 days.


Galvanised and Powder-Coated – This finish gives the extreme life expectancy of galvanising plus the possibility of using colours other than silver by having a powder-coat applied! After making it, the part is first sent to the galvanisers where it is hot-dip galvanised, after which it is returned direct to the powder-coaters who then apply the coloured finish.

Due to the involved multi-step finishing process, dispatch times can be up to 20 working days with this option.


Natural Rustic – These items are made from architectural weathering steel called “CorTen” in the trade. This steel is made to a special recipe and is designed to rust but not decay as plain steel would when exposed to the elements, it does not break up and flake off as it ages. This material changes colour as it ages from a grey hue through various light browns to end in a rich chocolate brown. It will not age indoors. Be aware that some mild staining is possible underneath the product, this is normal and to be expected – do not place these items on or above surfaces that must remain pristine. It is more expensive but never needs painting or coating.

This option has a short dispatch time of 2-3 working days.